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About Our PPR Products

  • Complete range of PP-R pipeline systems

    We offer the market the most comprehensive selection of PP-R pipes and fittings, covering the widest range of applications and dimensions. We can also develop unique PPR expansion joints for special installations.

  • Focus on Customer Benefits

    Tubomart knows that realising benefits for the customer is of key importance. Our focus is always to make the work easier and more comfortable for our customers and also their customers. This means we let our work be guided by our philosophy in providing comfort, safety and concern for the environment.

  • Quality and Commitment

    Tubomart has more than 10 years of experience of manufacturing PP-R products, with a history of stability and commitment to quality and continuous improvement to find better solutions and products. Most of our operations are conducted according to ISO 9001/9002 standards. We believe that environmental management systems like ISO 14001 efficiently contribute to the integration of environmental issues in our daily work.
    To guarantee delivery on time and to increase product series, we have continually been expanding our production capacity by installing various injection machines and modern pipe production lines. Together with our rich experiences and our diligence, careful design, elaborate mould making, strict technical process, completely quality control and stringent product testing (in accordance with German standard DIN 8077/8078) are able to always fulfill the most diverse of requirements of our customers and ensure the quality level of our products.

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