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Helping you form a complete plumbing system, TUBOMART is a one-stop shop that manufactures pipes, fittings, valves, and other products and tools made with advanced production lines.

All Pipes and Fittings Made to Last

We care your business reputation and project quality. Win your loyal customers with TUBOMART pipes, fittings, valves made from Pex, Pex-Al-Pex, PPR, brass, and more.


Never Use Inferior Materials

Understanding that quality products come from quality materials, we procure quality-tested materials right from the source. Working with well-vetted material suppliers in the industry guarantees the creation of affordable, durable pipes that will, in turn, improve the lifespan of buildings and piping systems.

Machine-made Spec With Tight Tolerance

Along with considering materials and designs for our products, we combine careful calibration and precision CNC machines, which attentively guarantees tight tolerance to make plumbing accessories specifically made to have tight tolerances.

Certified by International Standards

Having earned SAI Global, CE, ISO certification based on their performance, quality and safety, our pipes are on par with global standards and easily enter other regions and can be readily installed to piping systems.

Solutions More Adaptable

Insight into the differentiated needs of customers, we make customized solutions more adaptable to the target market.

Maintain Clarity And Simplicity

We are good at collaborating with our customers to make OEM operations achievable and straight forward .

Meet TUBOMART, A Specialist in Plumbing Parts

For 21 years, we have provided plumbing parts from durable brass and plastic pipes and fittings to over 78 countries. We deliver at mass volumes thanks to the efficiency of over 200 production equipment and numerous testing devices that guarantee quality in every step.

Any business can benefit from our expertise and attention to detail, from design to pipe production. Whether to modify products or create new parts, our one-site production can assist in providing OEM/ODM pipes made specifically to address your concerns.

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TUBOMART is Keen on Production

Our manufacturing philosophy focuses on producing impeccable plumbing accessories, investing heavily in the latest equipment and processes. Our quality control team conducts routine inspections to ensure our high standards are consistently met.

Rods Cutting
Surface Polishing
CNC Machining

How Tubomart Team Helps You Out

More than your typical piping system manufacturer, TUBOMART provides you with a comprehensive range of services to help elevate your brand.

We assist you in selecting the suitable pipes, valves, and fittings that match your market’s needs.

Expert consultants provide valuable suggestions on how many you’ll need and what works best for product combinations.

Modern production facility and streamlined process guarantee order fulfillment faster than our peers.


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TUBOMART conveys our decades of industry expertise to project contractors, brands and wholesalers.


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