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About Us

Professional Manufacturer of Brass Products in China.

Since 2000, Tubomart has been manufacturing brass fittings and valves for different kind of piping systems. As our businesses grew, we have expanded our product lines to plastic pipes and plastic fittings. Our current product line includes brass fittings & valves, PEX pipes & fittings, PPR pipe & fittings & valves, PP fittings & valves, CPVC fittings, PVC fittings.

For 20 years, we have exported to 34 countries, where pipe fittings for plumbing are needed. We will continue to improve product quality and to serve more clients.

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Internationally Acknowledged, Quality Guaranteed.

Quality is the most important word in our 20 years’ operation. Each time when we start a new product line, we work on our products and apply the highest standards according to industry certifications such as SAI Global, NSF, CE, ISO etc. With these certifications and our never-stopping development in manufacturing, we are confident to supply our plumbing products that are safe and affordable to customers around the world.

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20 Years’ Experience, Trust-Worthy Production Lines.

Our factory is equipped with over 200 sets of machines & equipment including production machinery such as CNC Multi-Spindle Process Machines, CNC Machines, Torque-Controlled Assembly Equipments & Production Assembly Line, as well as testing devices such as Spectolab, Pressure Tester & Life Time Tester. Auto CAD and 3D solid simulating design system are introduced into the complete process throughout R&d and production.

When it comes to Original Equipment Manufacturing, OEM, Tubomart is ready to provide any assistance for different types of business. We even serve non-traditional plumbing needs by either making or modifying a product to suit your needs.

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