Best 8 PPR Fitting Manufacturers you Should Know

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PPR fittings brass inserts

PPR fittings use hot integration welding, have specialized soldering and cutting equipment, and have a high degree of elasticity. The pricing is also quite reasonable. The insulation layer improves the insulation effectiveness, and the pipe surface is also very smooth, omitting the connections of internal and exterior wires. It is commonly found in fixed walls or embedded pipelines in deep wells.

Are you looking for firms that provide PPR fitting? We have created a list of PPR fitting manufacturers to rely on in 2022 in our directory.




TUBOMART is a reputable OEM producer and seller of plumbing items such as PPR fittings. TUBOMART is a one-stop-shop that produces fittings, pipes, valves, and other goods and equipment on modern manufacturing lines to assist you in creating a full drainage system.

 We opened our doors to the globe in the 2000s with a single plant and updated in 2007 after seven years with many more branches. Our one-site manufacturing can aid in producing OEM/ODM pipes created expressly to answer your needs, whether they are to alter existing goods or to produce new parts.


Gokul Plast


Gokul Plast is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified firm that was founded in 2006. They are among the major producer, suppliers, and distributors of Ball Valve, Agricultural Ball Valve, PP & HDPE Pipe Fitting, and PPR Fitting. Our whole product line is made using high-quality raw materials, cutting-edge machinery, and cutting-edge technology.

In Ahmedabad, they manufacture Industrial Valves and Fittings. This firm has the ability to produce more than 15000 valves and 100,000 fittings every month.


Vectus Industries Limited


Vectus Industries Limited is a prominent developer of thermoplastic water storage and plumbing solutions in India. PPR fittings supplier with outstanding quality and cutting-edge technology. To properly deliver its products, the corporation has 17 production sites and four warehouses, and sales offices.

Vectus Industries Ltd. is ISO 9001: 2015 accredited. Their products are made in accordance with IS regulations, which are widely recognized throughout the country.




Donsen was founded in 1996 and is based in Ningbo, a renowned and magnificent global port city. They are among the most competent producers specialized in producing PPR pipes and fittings, C-PVC pipes and fittings, PP compression fittings, U-PVC pipes and fittings, plastic molds, PE-RT floor heating pipes, and all types of plastic valves, with over ten years of knowledge on the subject.


Ningbo Standard Plumbing 


Ningbo Standard Plumbing is a firm that manufactures and distributes plumbing goods such as pex pipe and fitting, brass fitting, valve, and so on.

Since its inception, they have consistently adhered to the principles of excellent quality, good service, and on-time delivery in order to realize their aim of making each client satisfied.


FameTop Pipe Industry Co. Ltd


Since 1998, FameTop Pipe Industry has been manufacturing pipe and fittings for industrial and residential plumbing and heating systems and has created a reputation for consistently offering dependable and trustworthy goods and services. They have sold their product to over 30 nations in Europe,  Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America too far.

Fametop consistently expands its product lines in response to market demand, wants to give consumers one-stop service, and strives to make each and every one of your purchasing experiences with them simple and delightful.


Mandhana Polymers Pvt. Ltd. 


MPPL manufactures thermoplastics such as pipes and fittings, injection-molded plastic items, blocks, sheets, valves,  and so on.

The cutting-edge manufacturing facility is located in Sarigam, Gujarat, around 150 kilometers from Mumbai.

MPPL, which began operations in 1988, also designs and manufactures chemical process machinery and pipe solutions in fiberglass-supported plastic( FRP). They are backed up by a solid infrastructure that is outfitted with cutting-edge tools and gear to provide a stable and regular supply of their products.


ASVA Corporation


Incorporated in 1991 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The “Asva Corporation” is a Sole Proprietor firm known for producing and distributing a high-quality range of HDPE Pipes And Fittings, Polypropylene Pipes And Fittings,  PPR Pipes And Fittings,  Industrial Control Valves, PPH Pipes And Fittings, PVDF Pipes Fittings, and so on. The physical precision, sturdiness, ease of installation, rust resilience, and longevity of the items they offer are well regarded. They have over time established a reputed name in the business under the guidance of “Mr. Anant Patel”  the Managing Director.



With a vast range of manufacturers offering PPR fittings, it’s prudent to ensure that you source your PPR fitting products from a reputable manufacturer like TUBOMART. Contact us, today and place your order.

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