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Ask -1.Pert pipes?
Size:S5(1.25Mpa) S4(1.6Mpa) S3.2(2.0Mpa)
Product Description

1.Excellent hot stability and long-term pressure resistance:
It can be applied in the heating and hot water pipe system (The temperature up to 95 degree with the service life of over 50 years.

2. Good processing characteristics:
Without considering the degree of cross-linking and homogeneity, PE-RT pipe has the advantages of good homogeneity, simple production, stable performance and reliable quality.

3. Flexibility and easy installation:
Rolling and bending are allowed. The smallest bending radius equal to 5D and the pipe can‘t be rebounded. The stress in the bending part can be dispersed, avoiding the breakage caused by the focus of stress in the application. When installed in the low-temperature, pre-heating of the pipe is no need, so the installation becomes easy and the cost is reduced.

4. Good impact strength and reliability:
The temperature of brittle fracture can reach 70%. It can be transported and installed at the low-temperature. Its better impact resistance is better than other pipes and can avoid rough installation.

5. Link by welding, easy installation and repair:
PE-RT is better than PEX in the link and repair. In the floor heating project, if the pipes are destroyed by external strength, they can be repaired by welding, which makes it easy, quick and safe.

6. Higher cost performance ratio:
PE-RT has all the advantages of other radiant floor heating pipes with lower label cost of installation and repair, higher cost performance ratio. It is an optimum-seeking pipe of radiant floor heating project.