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What is Gas Fittings

To connect series of straight gas pipes together, we use gas fittings made into different sizes and shapes to regulate the flow of gas and hot water. Made of brass or Pex-Al-Pex, our gas fittings withstand pressures and let gas flow without corroding or cracking. Some gas pipes come with screw threads to connect fittings much easier, requiring fewer tools and thus making installations easier on the part of your customers.

Features of Gas Fittings

Thanks to their inner and outer plastic layers, our fittings are corrosion resistant and the gas passing through would not cause any taint or damage, thus maintaining quality for long periods. Possessing great pressure resistance helps our gas fittings process the continued circulation of gas through different directions and secure pipes together firmly through their precise construction.

Quality Gas Fittings From Tubomart

Tubomart has been ISO and CE certified because our production technology is on par with global standards, with gas fittings that perform consistently in our tests. Subjecting samples to high pressure, we guarantee that our gas fittings are leakproof and can sustain much pressure within harsh environments. Our gas fittings are also inspected for any contaminants to maintain cleanliness and safety for plumbing systems.

Benefits For Businesses Partnering With Tubomart

For 20 years, we offer consultation and services that are tailor-fit to your needs and budget, resulting in gas fittings designed precisely based on your requirements. Our numerous certifications guarantee that our gas fittings can be delivered anywhere globally, having complied with safety and health requirements to be used in any piping system.

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