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Tubomart is one of the finest PEX pipe manufacturers in China and across the globe. For over 21 years we have continually provided clients with a high-quality comprehensive range of PEX pipes, PEX fittings, valves, and services to help elevate your plumbing experience.

We employ skilled designers in all of our projects to ensure that you receive the best. This has enabled us to continue providing highly trustworthy plumbing solutions to all of our clients.

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What is Pex Pipes

Pex pipes are flexible, plastic pipes manufactured from processed polyethylene and formed into a tubular shape. The modification on the material creates a cross-linked polymer chain, making it more resilient to temperature changes while being safe to use for water lines. PEX pipes have become the preferred piping of choice for many markets in Europe and the USA.

TUBOMART PEX pipes are easy to install because of their flexibility, which allows the PEX pipe to easily follow any installation design. Moreover, our Pex pipes offer the same load-bearing capacity as copper pipes but at a lower cost.

Features of Pex Pipes

As Pex pipes are made from polyethylene, it does not rust and corrodes slower than metal-based pipes. These pipes are also safe and hassle-free to install, as their flexibility allows the Pex pipe to follow any installation plan with ease. Additionally, Pex pipes have similar strength and performance as copper pipes but at a more affordable cost.

TUBOMART sells PEX pipes, which have a number of advantages over typical plumbing pipe materials. They include:

  • Flexibility. This sort of plastic pipe material may be routed around corners without the need for couplings or connections.
  • Freeze Durability. Because our PEX plumbing pipes are more flexible, they may expand and shrink. This sort of plastic pipe is hence less prone to rupture.
  • PEX does not corrode, like copper and steel pipes do, resulting in leaks and pollution of the water supply.
  • Water runs softly via PEX, which eliminates the “water hammer” noise associated with metal pipes.
  • The use of color-coding (red and blue) makes it easy to distinguish between hot and cold supply lines.
  • With the proper fittings, PEX may be linked to existing metal supply lines.

Wide Applications of Pex Pipes

PEX pipes are widely used in a variety of areas due to their longevity and strong resistance to a variety of elements.They have a wide range of uses, including:

  • Portable distribution systems or water supply lines
  • Applications for radiant floor heating
  • Snow melting, floor cooling, and permafrost protection are examples of heat transfer uses.
  • Water supply for hot water applications, such as radiators
  • Fire/sprinkler systems for homes

Win Your Customers with Quality Pex Pipes from TUBOMART

Looking for high-quality Pex tubing at an affordable wholesale cost? Tubomart has your needs fully covered. Our modern production facility has the latest manufacturing equipment to meet your market’s growing demand while working on your budget. And with expert quality control inspectors regularly monitoring the production, you’re sure to get reliable Pex lines your brand can rely on.

Benefits For Businesses Partnering With TUBOMART

TUBOMART handles in-house processes under one roof, with operations handled by engineers with accuracy to know what Pex pipes you require. Easily accessible materials for Pex tubes enable us to lower costs of production and guarantee the production and delivery of many orders in short lead times. With our experienced R&D team and engineers, we develop OEM solutions that further our push for quality plumbing parts that cover your needs.


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