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What is Pex

A versatile tubing used in many project types, Pex is formed with altered polyethylene material. The polymer chains of this material are modified through a physical or chemical process, resulting in chemically linked polymers. The procedure enhances the material’s properties, giving it more temperature strength, chemical resistance, and delayed crack growth.

Features of Pex

Pex is an approved material that passes all plumbing and mechanical codes in the US and Canada. With its specialized crosslinking construction, Pex boasts a high resistance to temperature, pressure, and chemicals, among others. This flexible plastic pipe is also lightweight, allowing for fast and easy installation.

Advantages over Other Materials

Compared to other materials, Pex is highly versatile and is usable on a wide variety of tasks ranging from plumbing to gas piping. Its chemical composition makes it safe for potable water use, while its durability resists noise and water hammer. The installation also requires no flame implements, as there are many and fitting options available.


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