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What is Pex Press Fittings

Pex press fittings provide a simple yet reliable connection requiring a standard Pex press tool for installation. Each Pex press fitting comes with stainless steel sleeves, a plastic ring, and a brass fitting. These fittings are quick and easy to install, with no wait time needed in between installations.

The cleanliness of the material and their chemical resistance make our fittings safe for drinking water installations With plastic material that withstands high pressure, our fittings perform well for long periods without the need for constant maintenance.

Tubomart Offers Quality Press Fittings for Your Project

For 20 years, Tubomart has produced quality fittings that match your requirements and perform optimally for long periods. Through various tests from advanced equipment, we determine the chemical and impact resistance of our press fittings to ensure their consistent performance in plumbing systems. Apart from tests conducted in every step of production, we also maintain a trusted supply line, with raw materials checked for quality issues beforehand. Strong materials make the difference in producing long-lasting press fittings.


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