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What is PPR

Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-R) possesses a low melt flow rate and great flexibility to enable our pipes to perform well in many applications. We make the material from chains of random lengths that help in absorbing impact and vibrations well, making them a robust choice for pipe creation.

Features of PPR

PPR is durable and can be applied in different areas with little maintenance required, lasting over 50 years due to the material’s resistance within a variety of fluid and environmental temperatures. Additionally, PPR is safe for human use and does not emit harmful chemicals, even resisting such chemicals for greater durability.

Advantages over Other Materials

A great alternative to PP and other thermoplastic pipes, our PPR material gives pipes higher impact strength and temperature resistance while being easy to process and install into cold and hot water systems. By requiring little electricity to produce enough PPR for pipes, PPR material essentially saves on energy costs and can be made into more pipes at lower the price.

Why Choose Tubomart?

Through our selection of suppliers and scrutiny of material quality, Tubomart guarantees that every PPR pipe and fitting is made from strong PPR material that performs well under our strict tests.  Applying the latest technology and testing methods, we produce affordable quality PPR products within a well-managed production system.


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