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TUBOMART maintains its position as the top supplier of trustworthy PPR pipes, fittings, and valves by investing in continuous research and development in terms of quality and order satisfaction. We respect precision and purity throughout manufacturing within a safe environment while managing an organized and full manufacturing process.

TUBOMART manages in-house processes under one roof, with operations managed by professionals that know exactly what PPR fittings you need. We build OEM solutions with our experienced R&D team to strengthen our quest for quality plumbing components that meet your demands.

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What is PPR Fittings

PPR is a polypropylene random copolymer. PPR fittings have outstanding heat resistance and may be used in high temperatures for over 50 years under normal operating conditions. Because of their outstanding wear and corrosion resistance, many chemical substances can flow through without diminishing the material’s quality.

With impressive heat resistance, our PPR fittings can be used under high temperatures and serve for over 50 years under normal conditions. Impressive wear and corrosion resistance enable some chemicals to pass through without degrading the material quality. Smooth inner walls provide our PPR fittings with little resistance to water flow and are clean, protecting water quality from contamination as liquids pass through. Furthermore, PPR fittings can be easily transported due to their lightweight compared with metal pipes and fittings.

Applications of PPR Fittings

  • PPR pipe fittings are commonly utilized in the design of cold and hot water systems. PPR pipes are the finest choice for hot and cold water systems due to their ability to handle both cold and hot temperatures without cracking or breaking. Furthermore, their low thermal conductivity ensures that the fluids maintain the necessary temperature.
  • PPR fittings are the preferred method of releasing chemical fluids, including industrial waste. Owing to their resistance to alkaline solutions and harsh chemicals.
  • Purified water delivery systems also employ PPR pipe fittings.
  • Our PPR fittings are also ideal for use in a building’s heating system.


Advantages of TUBOMART PPR Fittings

TUBOMART PPR Fittings are:

  1. Stable, safe, easy to install
  2. Durable. Compared to steel or other fittings, PPR fittings have a minimum life span of 50 Years 
  3. Thermal resistance. They are stable up to 80°C and have a low thermal penetrability. Their low thermal conductivity ensures that the fluids maintain the necessary temperature.
  4. Have a high chemical resistance.
  5. Good resistance to mechanic strength, 
  6. Friction loss is low. they are smooth inside and outside. their smooth internal surface which provides less friction so that, they can permit heavy flow
  7. They are rust-resistant hence safe for food and beverage piping systems.

Buy Quality PPR Fittings From TUBOMART

Due to our strict production standards and the use of recyclable PPR, we reduce waste accumulation and prevent pollution during the manufacturing process. Efficient use of materials and accurate construction enable our factory to make large volumes of PPR fittings at more affordable prices and to deliver a consistent supply to your business. Strict inspections are conducted in every step to prevent sanitation and quality issues for our fittings, ensuring product safety and quality are preserved when in use.


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