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TUBOMART builds PPR pipes using quality-verified materials supplied by our dependable supplier network, whose stable material quality ensures a consistent manufacturing cycle. Our PPR pipes are ready for installation wherever they are delivered since they have passed every quality criteria from thorough testing in our full facilities.

We decrease trash buildup and pollution during the manufacturing process by adhering to tight production standards and using recyclable PPR. Strict checks are carried out at every stage to prevent sanitation and quality concerns with our PPR pipes, guaranteeing product safety and quality are maintained when in use.

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What is PPR Pipes

A PPR pipe is a straight and stiff cylindrical pipe made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic that is extruded continuously. They are frequently available in green or white, with outside diameters spanning from 20mm to 110mm, resulting in pipe walls that are significantly thicker than PVC.

Made of durable plastic, our PPR pipes are non-corrosive and do not taint water quality, which results in water not tasting or smelling any differently. Being heat-welded makes our PPR pipes more able to secure a consistent circulation of liquids together with the whole piping system. Put all together, these features give our PPR pipes greater flexibility in terms of piping applications.

Features of PPR Pipes

Chemically purer and robust, PPR pipes are less likely to crack under pressure or corrode and thus deter leaking. With a smooth inner surface, our PPR pipes can carry drinking water cleanly, not leaving any color, odor, or unusual taste and preserving its quality for circulation throughout the piping system. Along with corrosion and chemical resistance, our PPR pipes are suitable at freezing and scorching temperatures, making them work in various environments.


Lightweight: Because of their modest weight, our PPR pipes significantly cut shipping costs and installation complexity.

Uses green building components that are hygienic and non-toxic: Our entire raw material synthesis, manufacturing processing, product usage, and disposal process has no negative consequences on the human body or the environment.

Heat preservation and heat resistance: We fully fulfill the requirements of the hot water system stipulated in the building water supply and drainage design code.

Good corrosion resistance: With the exception of a few oxidants, they endure the erosion of a wide range of chemical media, will not rust, corrode, or produce germs.

Water flow resistance is minimal: Our PPR pipe’s inner wall is smooth, will not scale, and has a wear resistance system.

Wide Applications of PPR Pipes

From its resistance to extreme temperatures, our PPR pipes are important for hot and cold water systems, preventing water from undergoing startling changes during circulation. The wide use of PPR pipes makes them a component of industrial, residential, and public piping for sanitary liquids, strong chemicals, acidic or alkaline solutions, etc. Additionally, central heating can benefit from PPR pipes that circulate water in a looping arrangement.

The most popular PPR pipe uses include:

  • Cold and hot potable water piping in industrial, residential, and public installations. 
  • Industrial piping for transferring sanitary liquids, water, compressed air, liquid food products,  and aggressive chemicals.
  • Our PPR pipes are usually useful in central (concentration) air conditioning systems.
  • PPR pipes are utilized in industrial piping systems to transmit or discharge chemical media.

Quality PPR Pipes From TUBOMART

TUBOMART constructs PPR pipes from quality-verified materials provided by our reliable supplier network, whose consistent quality in materials guarantees a steady production cycle. Advanced laboratory equipment detects harsh chemicals, tests for the presence of leaks and determines the performance of our pipes in extreme conditions. When delivered, our PPR pipes are ready for installation anywhere as they have met every quality requirement from rigorous testing in our complete facilities.

Benefits For Businesses Partnering With TUBOMART

TUBOMART handles in-house processes under one roof, with operations handled by engineers with accuracy to know what Pex pipes you require. Easily accessible materials for Pex tubes enable us to lower costs of production and guarantee the production and delivery of many orders in short lead times. With our experienced R&D team and engineers, we develop OEM solutions that further our push for quality plumbing parts that cover your needs.


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