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For over 21 years, TUBOMART has been producing high-quality ball valves at the best price that suit your standards and last. We provide in large quantities due to the efficiency of over 200 production machines and various testing devices that ensure quality at every stage.

From concept to manufacturing, every organization may benefit from our knowledge and attention to detail. Our one-site manufacturing can aid in offering OEM/ODM ball valves designed particularly to answer your needs, whether they are to alter existing goods or to produce new parts. Don’t miss out on our amazing quality ball valves, contact us and request a free quote today.




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What Are Ball Valves?

Ball valves are quarter-turn valves that regulate the material flow from one passage to the next by using a  perforated, hollow, pivoting ball. To enable liquids, gasses, and slurry materials to pass through, the valve can be opened, shut, or partially opened. Ball valves are widely utilized in industries and applications that demand a secure shut-off due to the airtight seal they produce when fully closed.

Our ball valves are incredibly adaptable, able to withstand pressures of up to 1000 bars and temperature levels of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Their dimensions range from 0.5 cm to 121 cm, and they are simple to use and repair. They are durable and ensure reliable sealing, even when not in use for an extended period of time.

Applications of Ball Valves

Ball valves are so adaptable, they may be utilized for a variety of applications, including:

  • Subsea, subsurface, and cryogenic applications.
  • Regulating feedwater systems and cooling water, and steam services.
  • Commonly found in turbine skids, hydrocarbon processing, compressor skids, gas feed lines, crude oil plants, polymer plants, separator skids, generator skids, LNG plants, industrial gas processing plants, field gas plants, tank farms, oil refinery feedstock lines, and automated process applications

Advantages of TUBOMART Ball Valves

  • Our ball valves give bubble-tight service.
  • They can be closed and opened fast.
  • They are smaller and lighter than gate valves.
  • Ball valves can have numerous ports, which reduces the need for additional valves.
  • They come in a wide range of construction and design options.
  • They can be used to control the flow of pure and slurry substances.
  • They provide dependable service in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.
  • When compared to a gate or globe valve, the valve is simpler to operate.

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