:/What’s the difference between all 6 pex plumbing fittings?
Pex Pipe Fitting

What’s the difference between all 6 pex plumbing fittings?

PEX Fitting TypesPex (A, B, C)Pex-Al-PexTool
Push Fitting(TM-370)×Disconnecting Clip
Expansion FittingOnly Pex-A×Expansion Tool
Crimp Fitting(TM-150)×Pex Crimp Tool
Sliding sleeve Fitting✓ (TM-140, TM-180)×Pex Sleeve Tool
Press Fitting(TM-130)✓ (TM-120, TM-170)Pex Press Tool
Compression Fitting(TM-110)✓ (TM-100, TM-160, TM-190)Wrench
pex push fitting

Push Fittings

Push fitting has a special structure. It can be quickly access to pex pipes without any tools. And use the disconnecting clip, push fittings can be repeated disassembly. It’s used in Pex(a,b,c) Pipe.

Key Point: For Pex Pipes, Quickly Access, Repeated Disassembly

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expansion fitting

Expansion Fittings

Expansion fittings only used in Pex A Pipes. It’s going to get tighter as time goes on. It need expansion tools to install.

Key Points: Only For Pex A Pipes, Get Tighter

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pex crimp fitting

Crimp Fitting

Crimp fittings can be used for Pex(A, B, C) Pipes, not for Pex-Al-Pex pipes. The crimp fittings is composed of crimp fitting, (red) Copper Crimp rings or Stainless Steel clamp. The installation of crimp fittings requires special crimp fittings tools.

Key Points: For Pex Pipes, Pex Crimp Tool

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sliding sleeve fitting

Sliding Sleeve Fitting

Sliding sleeve fitting only for pex pipes. It consists of brass sleeves and a brass fitting, and needs Pex Sleeve Tools to install.

Key Points: For Pex Pipes, Pex Sleeve Tools

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pex press fittings

Pex Press Fittings

It can be used in pex pipes and pex-al-pex pipes. The difference between them is that press fittings for Pex-al-pex pipe have 2 rubber o-ring. It’s make up of stainless steel sleeves, a plastic rings and a brass fitting. You need a pex press tool to install it.

Key Points: For Pex Pipes & Pex-Al-Pex Pipes, Rubber O-ring, Pex Press Tools

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compression fittings

Compression Fittings

Just like press fittings, compression fittings can also be used for 2 types of Pipes. And Pex-al-pex compression fittings has 2 rubber o-rings over the fitting’s barbs. It consists of a brass fitting, a split brass o-ring and a nut. If you have a wrench, you can install it without any other pex tools.

Key Points: For Pex Pipes & Pex-Al-Pex Pipes, Rubber O-ring, Warech

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    You failed to include the stainless clamp ring system. Clamp rings work with the same fittings as crimp rings and in my opinion are superior. The clamp rings won’t corrode, use a singe less expensive tool that does not require adapters for different tubing sizes, the tool is easier to use in tight spaces, and the clamp rings are far easier to remove if one makes a mistake or needs to change out a fitting.

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