3 Points About SAI GLOBAL Ball Valves

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· What Is SAI Global ?

SAI Global to help implement, execute, and sustain enterprise risk management strategies leveraging a comprehensive suite of products and services.

· How We Get It ?

The whole process last 4 months, including Sending Application, test by Intertek Lab, sample checking by SAI Stuffs, report passing and certificate releasing. Within the process, a lot of requirements are needed, such as limitation of melting point for brass(not less than 430°),resistance to season cracking, etc..And our products pass all the test at once.

· Which Products ?

We obtained the SAI certificates smoothly for gas ball valves including ball valves with lever or butterfly handle, male or female thread.

With the Standard of AS4617:2004, not only in Australia, our products are available for more countries and regions around the world.

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