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Pe-Al-Pe/Pex-Al-Pex Gas Pipe | TM 380003

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What is Gas Pipes

Gas pipes are popular pipes mainly made of Pex-Al-Pex. This is a type of multilayer pipes that circulates gas through a wide piping system, withstanding a maximum temperature of  60°C while possessing great long-term rupture strength to ensure safety in daily use. Whether for carrying natural gas or hot water, our gas pipes are resilient, adaptable and can be installed flexibly, making them applicable for residential and industrial spaces.

Features of Gas Pipes

Easy to bend and lightweight, our gas pipes come in multiple layers that combine the strengths of aluminum and plastic to prevent oxygen from permeating and staining the inside of the pipe. Gas pipes mainly made of Pex-Al-Pex are clean and easy to install, require no welding, soldering, thread cutting, or bonding, saving much time for quick installations and replacements.

Quality Gas Pipes From Tubomart

Tubomart gas pipes are made with Pex-Al-Pex and Anti-UV pipe material that follow five specifications, including 1216, 1418, 1620, 2025, and 2632. With our attention to quality and precise automated manufacturing processes, we offer gas pipes in any style and form that can match your requirements and guarantee stable performance.

Benefits For Businesses Partnering With Tubomart

Tubomart handles in-house processes under one roof, with operations handled by engineers with accuracy to know what Pex pipes you require. Easily accessible materials for Pex tubes enable us to lower costs of production and guarantee the production and delivery of many orders in short lead times. With our experienced R&D team and engineers, we develop OEM solutions that further our push for quality plumbing parts that cover your needs.


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