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Gas Pipes

Gas Pipes

What is Gas Multilayer Pipe?

Our gas multilayer pipe is a five-layer composite pipe that combines the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. The aluminum core is absolutely diffusion tight, it reliably prevents oxygen/gases from permeating into the pipe. It compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion with changes in temperature.

  • Overlapped welded pipe is co-extruded with one step with perfect adhesive between the inner layer and aluminum, high and stable pressure resistance, of which welding style is ultrasonic.
  • Butt welded pipe is molding with several steps that are argon-arc welding style.
gas multilayer pipe

How About Quality?

Tubomart gas piping system is approved and certified by SAI Global based on the standard ISO l7484-1:2006 & AS 4176.8-2010.

SAI Global and Sira proves that Tubomart gas piping system has achieved the requirements of standard ISO7484-1:2006 & AS4176.8-2010 which are the highest standards for multilayer gas piping system globally.

These certificates emphasize our production technology and product quality. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we are able to provide better technical support and services to our customers. If you need more certifications, consult us for free.

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SAI Global Gas Pipe & Fittings (AS 4176)
SAI Global Gas Pipe & Fittings (ISO 17484)
Gas Pipes ISO Certification

Why Use Multilayer Pipes in Gas?

10 Advantages of multilayer pipe for the gas piping system:

  • Clean and easy to install, no welding, soldering, thread cutting or bonding
  • Easy to bend & Low weight
  • Corrosion resistant, thanks to its inner and outer plastic layer
  • Excellent long-time rupture strength offers safety in daily use
  • Minimal roughness K=0.007mm ensuring less pipe friction and lower pressure losses
  • Heat expansion similar to that of metals, enabling larger pipe clip distances
  • Excellent long-time rupture strength offers safety in daily use
  • Maximum temperature up to 60°C
  • Coils and straight lengths in numerous sizes
Multilayer Pipe

Tubomart gas pipe can be divided into Pex-Al-Pex pipe and Anti-UV gas pipe. There are five specifications being applied most including 1216, 1418, 1620, 2025, and 2632. We can surely offer any special dimension if you need.

Multilayer Pipes In Gas

Pex-Al-Pex Gas Pipe

Pex-Al-Pex Gas Pipes

  • Pex-Al-Pex pipe maximum working temperature is up to 60℃ or 90℃.
  • The maximum working pressure can be 0.4 MPa.
  • The lifespan is 50 years in regular use condition.
  • The aluminum layer ensures good sealing conditions and high corrosion resistance.
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