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TUBOMART, founded in 2000, is a seasoned industry leader that has developed a broad array of tubing solutions for engineering contractors, wholesalers, and other businesses. We make high-quality crimp fittings that connect pipes and tubes more readily using innovative technology and accurate gear.

We supply economical PEX crimp fittings that you can easily install and supply to your customers in short lead times, thanks to our speedy access to resources, control over operations, and quality assurance. Tubomart is your best option in terms of lead time, quality, and cost. Start your purchase immediately for incredible wholesale savings.

Male Straight Crimp Fitting | TM 150001

Female Straight Crimp Fitting | TM 150002

Pex x Copper Pipe Adapter | TM-150003

Female Copper x Pex Crimp Fittings | TM-150004

Straight Pex Crimp Fittings | TM-150005

Female Elbow Crimp Fitting With Base | TM-150006

Elbow Pex Crimp Connector | TM-150007

Tee Pex Crimp Fitting | TM-150008

Brass Pex Pipe Plug | TM-150009

Male Elbow Pex Crimp Fitting | TM-150010

Pex Crimp Fitting With Copper Ring | TM-150011

Elbow Pex x Copper Pipe Connector | TM 150012

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What is Pex Crimp Fittings

One of the most common Pex fitting stypes, crimp fittings provide a reliable connection that is easy to install. Pex crimp fittings use a crimping ring made from either stainless steel or brass to secure the fitting on the pipe with a crimping tool. The crimping process locks both oxygen and moisture from entering the piping system, preventing leaks and potential contamination. This biting force bite lets the fittings embed themselves into the surface of tubes, preventing leaks. With clamp tools, such fittings can achieve tight sealing, which helps pipes to convey fluids and gases into their piping systems. A tough and compact solution to leaking, our Pex crimp fittings are widely available for use in numerous plumbing applications.

Applications of PEX Crimp Fittings

Crimp fittings are recommended for many applications because they are the most generally accessible and least expensive. Our Pex Crimp fittings are utilized in:

  • Residential and commercial potable water lines
  • Radiant heat systems
  • Snow melting systems
  • Ice rink systems.
  • Hydronic heating
  • Maple syrup industry.


Advantages of TUBOMART PEX Crimp Fittings

  1. Quick and simple to install 
  2. Reasonably affordable 
  3. Corrosion-Resistant. 304-grade stainless steel resists corrosion well and is ideal for extremely acidic and unpleasant water conditions.
  4. Friction Loss Is Low. The innovative sweep bend 90° elbow design lowers turbulence and friction loss in the system, allowing for higher flow rates in the PEX system.
  5. Long-lasting. Crimp fittings are extremely sturdy and can resist greater mechanical forces.
  6. Compatibility with chemicals. Tubomart PEX crimp fittings are made of brass or stainless steel crimping materials that are chemically friendly, making them a suitable alternative for transmitting a wide range of chemicals.
  7. Tools and goods used for crimp fitting are widely accessible at a number of places.


Get Quality Press Crimp Fittings for Your Building

With advanced technology and precise machinery, we produce powerful crimp fittings that secure pipes and tubes more easily.  Thanks to our quick access to materials, control over production and quality assurance, we provide affordable PEX crimp fittings that you can readily install and provide to your markets within short lead times.

Tubomart commits to providing affordable plumbing parts solutions that consider your requirements and budget while helping you with your business operations with our expertise and after-sales services. Tubomart is your best source in terms of quality, lead time, and pricing. Start an order today for astonishing wholesale prices.


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