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Gas Pipe Fittings

Gas Pipe Fittings

What fittings for gas?

Press Fittings (TM-120 Series)

The patented press fitting is an innovative fitting, which is developed according to the international advanced technology and has been the mainstream fitting in Europe and USA.

gas press fitting

Compression Fittings (TM-100 Series)

As an ideal complement to press fittings, compression fittings play a very important role in the gas system sold in Latin American Region. Due to the special advantages, Compression Fittings are more and more popular will Latin American market.

gas compression fittings

How About Quality?

SAI Global proves that Tubomart gas piping system has achieved the requirements of standard ISO7484-1:2006 & AS4176.8-2010 which are the highest standards for multilayer gas piping system globally.

These certificates emphasize our production technology and product quality. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we are able to provide better technical support and services to our customers. If you need more certifications, consult us for free.

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SAI Global Gas Pipe & Fittings (AS 4176)
SAI Global Gas Pipe & Fittings (ISO 17484)

Why Use It?

Press Fittings

  • Unique structure: Two O-rings placed on the fitting insert. Three annular grooves on the three-step-labyrinth structure inset. Perfect sealing performance.
  • High-quality sealing material: The material of Tubomart 120 Series fitting O-rings is NBR, which has the excellent specialty of anti-aging, well-rebound and long life performance. It ensures no leaking into the gas piping system for long-term use.
  • Secure connecting way: The safe and stable connecting lies on the permanent compression plastic deformation or the stainless steel sleeve by using the special pressing tool to complete the connecting correctly.

Compression Fittings

  • Artistic design with high-pressure and corrosion resistance.
  • Prevent liquid or gas leaking.
  • NBR O-ring.
  • Easily installed and disassembled with a spanner.
  • Can be recycled to save the resource.
  • The improved design nuts and wall thickness makes 100 series Fittings has favorable quality-price ration.

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