Gas Piping System

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What is Gas Piping System?

A complete gas piping system transports heated water and gas for cooking and bathing purposes, with branch lines running to individual appliances controlled by shut-off valves. Flexible connectors can be added to the gas system, reaching faraway appliances by going through walls and ceilings, which add a layer of protection against potential gas leaks during earthquakes.

Quality Indicators for a Gas Piping System

To guarantee widespread safety and reduce any hazards, gas piping systems must safely transport gas without leaking from any cracks. Anti-corrosion materials for pipes and strong structural support are key to maintaining safety and hazard prevention. We also measure gas quality and quantity to ensure safety requirements are met.

Why Choose Tubomart?

Tubomart gas piping systems are approved by SAI Global based on the standard ISO l7484-1:2006 & AS 4176.8-2010. Maximizing public safety, our inspectors make sure prior to installation that our gas piping systems are risk-free to prevent gas leaks and explosions. We actively prevent accidents and much harm with the use of durable materials and our attention to detail during manufacturing.

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