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Gas Piping System

Why Choose Us?

  • 10 Extruders—Multilayer pipes 250,000 meters per day
  • 1 Fitting factories 100,000 matched fittings per day
  • 20,000 square meters warehouse

We supply pipes, fittings, and valves for residential and commercial buildings for plumbing, water and gas transportations.

By integrating our excellent production and R & D, we are able to provide high-quality OEM and ODM service. That will bring our customers a wide range of product choices, to help them win the niche market.

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How About Quality?

Tubomart gas piping system is approved and certified by SAI Global based on the standard ISO l7484-1:2006 & AS 4176.8-2010.

SAI Global and Sira proves that Tubomart gas piping system has achieved the requirements of standard ISO7484-1:2006 & AS4176.8-2010 which are the highest standards for multilayer gas piping system globally.

These certificates emphasize our production technology and product quality. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we are able to provide better technical support and services to our customers. If you need more certifications, consult us for free.

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SAI Global Gas Pipe & Fittings (AS 4176)
SAI Global Gas Ball Valves (AS 4617)
SAI Global Gas Pipe & Fittings (ISO 17484)
SAI Global Manual Shut Off Gas Valves Test Report
Gas Pipes ISO Certification

What is Gas Piping System?

Through SAI Global Certification, Sira for gas distribution in homes and other building, Tubomart gas system combines multilayer pipe, fittings, ball valves and installation tools.

Multilayer pipes are widely used in residential, industrial, engineering and other fields. Compared with the traditional pipeline, the multilayer pipe has better sealing function and longer service life. Our multilayer pipe is a pipe generation that unites the advantages of plastic and metal pipe and offers a high degree of flexibility and toughness, coupled with high pressure and temperature resistance. The Tubomart multilayer pipe consists of an inner and outer layer in between which there is a layer of overlap-welded aluminum, and the three layers are made to form the permanent structure by means of special bonding layers.

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Today’s stringent technical standards for gas distribution in homes makes multilayer pipe a natural choice. In outdoors installations, the pipe’s resistance to rupture and other technical properties permit the use of innovative techniques such as “no sand-no dig” installations. In most applications, even under very tough environmental conditions, our multilayer piping system will remain more resistant and safer than a conventional polyethylene gas piping system.

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