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TUBOMART is a world-class manufacturer of PEX compression fittings.  At Tubomart, we have a wonderful range of low-cost PEX fittings. Our Compression fittings will make connecting PEX tubing a breeze. All of the greatest Compression fittings for your plumbing project may be found here at TUBOMART.

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What is Pex Compression Fittings

PEX compression fittings are composed of three sections – namely the nut, ring, and insert. When correctly assembled, it creates a tight seal that is void of leaks. This fitting type is perfect for setups requiring multiple connection points or when disassembly will be needed in the future.

Pex Compression Fittings comprise of a compression insert that goes through the tubing, a compression ring to split off in a diagonal path and a compression nut to form a strong seal. Such fittings are known for being ready for assembly and disassembly. Being easy to disassemble works well for plumbers and homeowners who want to modify their own plumbing as they are installed in case disassembly may happen.

Pex Compression Fittings entails inserting the compression insert into the end of the PEX piping, placing the compression ring over the pipework, and tightening the compression nut. The compression nut forces the ring and pipe against the insert as it closes, producing an absolute seal. Our Compression fittings are common among plumbers, contractors, and DIY homeowners because they are simple to install and dismantle.

Applications of PEX Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are ideal when dealing with several connection points as well as when disassembly is expected.

They are commonly utilized in residential and commercial plumbing systems, as well as in compressed air pressure and compressed gas services. They are typically used in conjunction with metal fittings.

Compression fittings can be used to join plastic or copper pipes. PEX compression fittings can also be utilized with PEX-AI-PEX tubing.

Advantages of PEX Compression Fittings

The advantages of utilizing this sort of fitting instead of the others are numerous. Some of these benefits include:

  • Simple to learn and install
  • Our Pex compression fitting prices are reasonable.
  • Tools and materials are generally available from a variety of retailers.
  • They are unconcerned with temperature variations, allowing for increased system flow.
  • simple to dismantle (if the installer needs to remove or replace the fitting)
  • For whatever size connection, only one tool is required (there is no need to purchase separate heads for different pipe sizes).


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Tubomart’s line of Pex compression fittings are manufactured from high-quality material and are easy to install. With our short lead time and affordable wholesale prices, you’re sure to impress your market and boost sales. Our OEM/ODM customization services are catered to any business, with our experts consulting you and providing updates in every step of the process to reduce your hassles.  Talk to our team today for a free quote.


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