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What is Cold Water Pipes

Cold water pipes are used for home improvement. The production materials used in the manufacture of cold water pipes can cover Pex, Pex-Al-Pex and PPR. The cold water pipe has very good toughness under low temperature conditions. Having a thiner wall than that of hot water pipes, the price of cold water pipes is relatively lower.

Features of Cold Water Pipes

The wall thickness of the cold water pipe is thinner and the pressure is smaller. Therefore, the hot water pipe is suitable for running cold water, while the cold water pipe is not suggested for running hot water. Cold water pipes are widely used in cold water pipes in engineering, water conservancy, industry, tap water pipes, etc. 2. Having outstanding perfomance in heat preservation and energy saving, the service life of cold water pipes can reach more than 100 years under normal temperature (20℃).

Quality Cold Water Pipes From Tubomart

We understand that purchasing cold water pipes is the key to your project success. Therefore we make sure the raw materials are sourced from well-vetted suppliers, by which we guarantee the quality from the very beginning. Controlling every detail in the manufacturing processes also brings us an edge over other traders, making us a reliable manufacturer to work with.

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Working with Tubomart not only gives you access to a modern factory, but also helps you free your team. Our service team boasts years of experience in working with project contractors. Therefore we respond to your needs in a professional way. Contact us today and let us get involve in your project!


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