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TUBOMART is an expert in manufacturing high-quality PPR valves for you. You should put your faith in us. We make certain that all of our PPR valve supplies are constructed using high-quality materials.

TUBOMART develops and molds PPR valves using specific processes to allow for rapid and easy installation while utilizing PPR material efficiently for decreased production costs. We invest in many manufacturing lines to manage bulk output while also inspecting for quality faults at each stage of the process. Our factory is dedicated to producing PPR valves that are appropriate for your needs. Simply contact us with your order.

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What is PPR Valves

PPR valves are made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic. PPR Valves are often employed in a process or system to control, regulate, or guide the flow of a liquid. At Tubomart, we offer a wide array of PPR valves, such as the gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, and stop valve.

A PPR valve is essentially a mechanical switch that allows you to turn it on and off, as well as reduce and increase the volume of liquid/gas traveling through the pipe. It possesses a unique feature that defines its best use. You can readily determine its specialized usage based on its structure.

Valves made with PPR conform to drinking water quality, being neutral in terms of bacterial presence. For increased flow speed, our PPR valves come with smooth, clean inner walls to handle the pressure of most liquids. Along with health guaranteed, our PPR valves offer long-time service for over 50 years through the material’s durability and high temperance resilience. Compared to steel material, PPR offers impressive sound insulation and is lightweight for easy transportation to be a labor-saving plumbing solution.

Applications of PPR Valves

As there are several varieties of PPR valves, each type is adapted to a certain use. Some of them include:

  • Cold and hot water delivery systems for civic and industrial projects, such as homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, and business buildings, as well as shipbuilding
  • Central air conditioning system
  • Chemical industry
  • Compressed air installations
  • Pipeline networks for rainwater harvesting systems
  • Garden and greenhouse irrigation system
  • Public and sporting amenities such as swimming pools and stadiums.


Advantages of TUBOMART PPR Valves

Our PPR valves can give you the following advantages:

  1. Durability: Long-term service for more than 50 years due to the material’s durability.
  2. Lightweight. When compared to steel, PPR offers superior sound insulation and is lightweight for simple transportation, making it a labor-saving plumbing choice.
  3. Minimal friction: Because of its smooth inner surface, it has little friction and allows for high water flow.
  4. Quick and simple turn on and off: in a quarter-circle motion.
  5. Outstanding corrosion resistance.
  6. High operating pressure and excellent performance.

TUBOMART Offers Quality PPR Valves for Your Project

Applying specialized techniques, TUBOMART designs and shapes PPR valves to enable quick and easy installation while efficiently using PPR material for lower production costs. We invest in several production lines to handle mass production while also checking for quality issues in every step of the process. Following quality standards, we consistently test our valves in terms of their performance under strong pressure and guarantee that they are safe for use.

Benefits For Businesses Partnering With TUBOMART

TUBOMART handles in-house processes under one roof, with operations handled by engineers with accuracy to know what Pex pipes you require. Easily accessible materials for Pex tubes enable us to lower costs of production and guarantee the production and delivery of many orders in short lead times. With our experienced R&D team and engineers, we develop OEM solutions that further our push for quality plumbing parts that cover your needs.


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