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What is Hot Water Pipes

Hot water pipes are straight, cylindrical pipe made of PPR material to be lightweight for easy transportation. Durability is expected from PPR pipes as they are made of multiple layers of thickness from inner and outer plastic around aluminum. PPR pipes are functional for over 50 years, thereby being a great option to attract residences with, as the pipes help reduce maintenance costs.

Features of Hot Water Pipes

Hot water pipes made of PPR come with a smooth inner wall that is not greatly affected by frictional resistance and can also reduce pressure when circulating hot water. A safe option for drinking water, our pipes prevent taint on the water as PPR does not flake unlike metal pipes and can maintain its integrity for over 50 years of service.

Quality Hot Water Pipes From Tubomart

As our production has earned SAI Global, CE, and ISO certification, our hot water pipes meet the standards for pressure and heat resistance. We further validate their strength with regular testing that finds leaks, cracks and other quality issues ahead of time. Certified hot water pipes have easy access to your regions and can be readily installed.

Benefits For Businesses Partnering With Tubomart

Customization services from our experts give you access to a variety of color, design and shape options to diversify your selection of hot water pipes. Included in our customization are surface treatments to make them easier to identify and blend well with residences or any building. Additionally, our connection with ports and logistics ensures quicker deliveries, with our documentation and certificates making it easier for our PPR pipes to enter many regions.


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