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What is Pex Push Fittings

PEX push fittings offer a straightforward and hassle-free approach to connecting PEX pipes without the need for specialized tools for installation. Made from solid brass material, the pipe is inserted into the fitting until a tight connection is established. To disconnect the line, a specialized tool is required.

To save time in connecting tubes and pipes, choose our PEX push fittings that readily grip and secure the connection without any tools needed and can be pulled out just as easily. Soldiering, crimping, and gluing are not required for this process, as there is a mechanism to lock pipes together via pressure. Compatible with copper piping and PEX piping, among others, PEX push fittings are an ideal solution that prevents leaks proactively through their tight fit.

Pex Push Fittings Made Safe

Certified lead-free and resistant to harsh chemicals, our PEX push fittings are made much safer for widespread application by homeowners. We guarantee product safety through our rigorous testing that determines the presence of leaks, harsh chemicals, and other quality issues before delivery. With these considerations, our PEX push fittings can enter and be sold to various regions more easily. Furthermore, Tubomart provides PEX push fittings at affordable costs through our efficient use of resources and well-managed production.

Tubomart is the leading manufacturer of safe and user-friendly PEX push fittings in the market today. Our globally certified production process and stringent quality control protocols provide the guarantee your brand deserves in PEX push fittings. Talk to us today for the best offers.


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