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Did you realize that ball valves play a vital part in our daily lives? Valves are required whenever fluids circulate in a pipe to ensure their safe and dependable flow.

A ball valve is a 3/4 shut-off valve that controls the flow of compressed air, gas, and other liquids with a rotating ball. To manage the flow of liquid or gas, these valves allow the through-hole arrangement to be closed, open, or slightly open. Because of its airtight sealing, the convenience of use, physical operation, and durability, a ball valve is a popular choice for a variety of industrial and ordinary domestic applications such as showers and washing machines. 

In this post we will go through some of the most basic ball valve uses in our daily life.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.


Ball valves can be utilized in commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and individual air conditioner units as shut-off valves. The design, seal material, and welding should all contribute to a safe structure that meets the most stringent criteria, such as a high operating pressure when using refrigerants like R410A. 

Refrigeration ball valves control the flow of refrigerant to enable repairs or to replenish the refrigerant. To mention a few, these valves must be interoperable with popular refrigerants such as HFC, R404A, R22 (freon), HFO, R410A, and R290. The valve body can be made of brass.

In air conditioning and refrigeration systems, these valves are positioned in discharge, suction, and liquid lines.

Plumbing Systems


In-home plumbing systems, and ball valves are commonly utilized to facilitate main water and offshoot shutoffs during leaks. They are also found in common domestic items such as water faucets, heaters, showers, and washing machines.

A dishwasher, for instance, is equipment that rinses and cleans soiled dishes. As the dishwasher’s water intake valve, a ball valve might be used. The dishwasher is connected to the main water supply line through a water intake valve. The valve is positioned within the washer and opens when the unit is turned on, enabling water to enter the device and halting it otherwise. As a result, the ball valve used in a dishwasher must be suitable for use with water at all degrees. The valve should have a PTFE (Teflon) or (EPDM) Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber seal to resist high temperatures. 

The enclosure material might be stainless steel or brass.

Gardening Irrigation Equipment


Ball valves can be utilized in a garden to suit a variety of irrigation requirements. These valves are suitable for use with garden hoses, watering equipment, sprinkler lines, and faucets. 

While connecting the ball valve to the main supply line, turn off the main water supply. Connect one of the ball valve’s ports to the main water supply. Connect the hose fitting to the ball valve’s opposite port. The water flow via the hose can be started or stopped by turning the lever to open or close the valve.

The ball valve and fitting housing can be built of plastic (PVC) or brass for water compatibility, while the ball and seal can be made of EPDM. PVC is resistant to the majority of chemicals and degradation. For manual ball valves, turn the handle 90 ° to either open or close the valve. Choose an ISO-Top flanged ball valve for electric or pneumatic control.

Drinking Water Systems


Ball valves are one of the most frequent types of valves used in residential and commercial drinking water applications.

When choosing a ball valve for drinking water, there are various factors to consider. The valve must be corrosion-resistant, resistant to chemical and electrical reactions, anti-legionella, and so on. Additionally, consumer end components must be maintenance-free, totally switched off when closed, small, and simple to operate.

The valves in-home water distribution systems are frequently permanently placed. A water valve can deteriorate with time, allowing for pollution and microbiological development. As a result, it is critical to pick a valve type that fulfills many drinking water standards. Check the manufacturer’s paperwork for the valve’s compatibility with drinking water applications.


Ball valves are employed in a variety of applications in our daily lives. Choosing the appropriate type of ball valve for a certain purpose is critical for each application. If you need assistance choosing the proper ball valve for the project, please contact our Tubomart team.

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