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Ball valves are an essential component of every plumbing system. In recent years, India has grown to be one of the fast-growing markets for quality ball valves. Thanks to access to high-quality raw materials and cheap labor costs, you may obtain high-performance ball valves at reasonable prices from a reputable ball valve manufacturer.

However, with so many ball valve manufacturers to choose from, it’s difficult to know if you’re getting your valves from a reliable ball valve supplier or not. This post will expose you to the most popular ball valve manufacturer in India. 

What Exactly are Ball Valves?

3 Way Brass Ball Valve - 1_1_2 (DN40) _ L Port

A ball valve is a quarter-turn rotor position valve with a ball-shaped interface to stop or start passage. When the valve opens, the ball spins until the hole in the ball aligns with the valve body’s inlet and outlet. When the valve is closed, the ball rotates such that the hole is orthogonal to the flow aperture in the valve body, and the flow is obstructed.

Valves are extensively used in plumbing, and it is safe to repair them before they corrode to ensure that they remain functioning during service. To ensure smooth performance, cleaning and lubrication should be performed on a regular basis.

Types of Ball Valves

Ductile Iron Ball Valve FKM Seal Red Handle - 2 (DN50)

Tubomart provides a wide choice of Ball Valves from our specialized manufacturing that is of the highest quality for use in the plumbing system. Our product line includes:

  • Floating or Trunnion Mounted
  • Multiport 3-way ball valves
  • Double Block and Bleed
  • Side entry or split ball valve
  • Full bore ball valves

Advantages of Ball Valves

  • Adaptability: They are adaptable enough to be employed in a number of plumbing applications requiring control of water flow.
  • Repairable: valve seats are easily accessible when a valve has to be fixed.
  • Profitability: They are typically far less expensive than comparable commodities for the same activity.
  • Our ball valves are easy to install and use, while plastic ball valves are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Longevity: They have high durability, providing many years of good service if used correctly. Customized ball valves are less prone to damage than other types of valves, and the plastic variety is non-corrosive.Longevity: They have high durability, providing many years of good service if used correctly. Our  Ball valves are less prone to damage than other types of valves, and the plastic variety is non-corrosive.

Disadvantages of Ball Valves

  • Choking characteristics that are helpless: In a choking posture, high-velocity flows may induce erosion of the barely visible seat. As a result, they should not be used for an extended period of time.
  • Wearing away: Due to retained suspended particles, ball valves can stick in place and get clogged when used to regulate the wrong types of fluids, such as slurries. This can cause the valve to wear out, become damaged, or become stuck.

Considerations When Purchasing Ball Valves

  1. Working Pressure

China ball valves are built to withstand high liquid pressures. It is critical to know the pressure range that passes through the ball valves; this allows you to select the appropriate valve that can easily bear this pressure.

  1. Temperature Scale Materials Passing Through the Ball Valves

Ball valves are used to control both cold and hot fluids. It is critical to determine the temperature of the fluids that pass through the ball valves. It’s very useful when deciding on the ball valve supplier to contract. Valves are constructed from a variety of materials, including PVC, stainless steel, and ceramic. Each of these materials is appropriate for a variety of temperatures.

Best-In-Class Plumbing Ball Valve Factory.


Tubomart is a well-known name in the Indian valve business. Based in China and equipped with over twenty years of industry expertise, we create various high-quality varieties of plumbing valves, including ball valves. We export plumbing ball valves to 78 countries, including India, owing to our on-site manufacturing method and simple access to durable materials.

As we continue to serve our clients, we expand our product ranges to meet new trends and adapt to customer demands with increased OEM support to supply custom ball valves. We undertake rigorous performance testing on our valves at every stage of manufacturing to assess their life duration and resilience to environmental conditions. For both plumber and homeowner safety, our products have been certified by the IAPMO Uniform Code.


Tubomart values your company’s reputation and the quality of your projects. Therefore our high-quality ball valves can help you create a loyal customer base. Get in touch with us and place your custom order right away.

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