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Three way ball valve L port

Ball valves are the most dependable and widely used type of valve for controlling the flow of water. To control the valve, a revolving sphere with a hole is coupled to a lever handle. The most common type of shut-off valve is a ball valve. Ball valves are extensively used in domestic applications to switch the water on and off without causing a pressure decrease because of their speed, dependability, and durability.

However, due to severe rivalry among ball valve manufacturers, poor product quality, and unsatisfactory standard and certification implementation, it is extremely difficult to discover an excellent ball valve manufacturer. If you are seeking an excellent ball valve manufacturer, you have come to the correct spot! This article will provide you with the top ball valve supplier and manufacturer with extensive knowledge and dependable product quality.

Types of Ball Valves for Plumbing Systems.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Ball valves are more widely utilized in home plumbing than gate valves because they are more dependable and user-friendly. The wide array of ball valves constitutes of:

    1. Three-piece body
    2. 3 Way ball valve
  • Side entry or split body ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Trunnion mounted ball valve


How Do Ball valves work?

Brass small ball valve Female_Male Thread Brass Valve Connector Joint Copper Pipe Fitting Coupler Adapter1_8_ 1_4'' 3_8'' 1_2''_Valve_

Ball valves use a rotating ball in the middle of the valve to control water flow. The flow of water is controlled by a hollow core running through the center of this ball. Fluids are permitted to flow through the valve and out into the piping systems when the hollow core of the ball is aligned to the water intake. The route is shut when the hole is turned perpendicular to the pipe, and water cannot enter through the valve. The lever handle also indicates whether the valve is open or closed. The valve is closed when the lever is perpendicular to the pipe.


Ball valves are designed to redirect or change the flow of fluids through several openings. These multi-port valves may guide water via up to four separate flow channels. Most shut-off valves are only intended to regulate the valve in one way, which contributes to the ubiquity and popularity of ball valves.

Advantages of Ball Valves

Apollo 1_ FNPT Bronze Ball Valve Inline

  1. Versatile and simple to use: Ball valves are low-maintenance, compactly built, and provide durable, tight seals. Small plastic ball valves can be used beneath the sink to construct a domestic water filtration system, whilst bigger brass ball valves can control the flow of plumbing throughout the building. Because of their wide range of applications and ease of use, they are the most preferred valve choice.


  1. Efficiency: Ball valves are strong and efficient, able to resist high pressure and high flow rates without harm. They don’t have to be greased or serviced like other valves, and if operated appropriately and with the appropriate fluids, they should not require new parts.


  1. Affordability: Ball valves are less expensive than many other valves that perform comparable functions. Their low cost contributes to their prominence in both residential and industrial plumbing applications.

Disadvantages of Ball Valves

  1. Unsuitable for throttling: A ball valve is only good for separating water flow. When used to throttle liquids or gases, the seat of the ball valve erodes and the valve fails. If your planned use requires fluid throttling, you are better off investing in a valve built for throttling, such as a globe valve or a needle valve. Additionally, shutting the valve too rapidly might result in a water hammer.
  2. Clogging: If a particle of silt or particulate becomes trapped in the center of the ball, it can lower pressure and force the valve to fail. This usually occurs when the valve is utilized for fluids it was not designed for, or when it is handling water with a lot of silt. Adding a sediment filter to remove dirt and debris is an excellent approach to avoid this issue.


Leading Ball Valve Manufacturer for Plumbing Systems.


TUBOMART, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, is one of the world’s leading ball valve manufacturers. To maintain a consistent supply of high-quality ball valves, the firm has invested in cutting-edge technology and quality control systems.

The company takes pride in its ability to address its clients’ complicated control concerns. TUBOMART seeks to reduce its clients’ operating expenses, improve equipment performance, increase productivity, and reduce hazards. In addition, each of the company’s factories places high importance on recycling and waste reduction operations.


TUBOMART provides a comprehensive selection of unrivaled ball valves for use in plumbing systems. Contact us today to obtain a free quotation for your custom order.


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