:/How To Install Compression Fittings?
Install Compression Fittings

How To Install Compression Fittings?

Step 1: Pipe cutting

Cut the pipe vertically and precisely with the pipe cutter.

Pipe Cutting

Step 2: Rounding and beveling

Round and bevel the end holes with the plastic reamer.

Rounding and beveling

Step 3: Sleeving

  • Choose the right size fitting according to the pipe, put the nut over the pipe, slide the compression ring over the pipe, make sure the mouth of the nut and the pipe faces the same direction.
  • Push the inserts into the pipe up to the shoulder, take care not to damage the O-ring.

Step 4: Pressing

Follow the clamp tools instruction, position the clamp jaws so that their ends aligned with the end of the press sleeve. Shut the press damp and begin the pressing procedure. It can only clamp once.



  1. Be sure the pipe is pushed deeply into the compression seat.
  2. Don’t overtighten the fitting. Tighten on a half turn when you encounter resistance in turning. Then, turn on the water valve testing the connection. If the connection is sealed, the job is done. If it leaks, turn off the water, tighten the nut about a quarter turn at a time, then turn on the water to test again. Repeat this step until it’s sealed.
  3. Leave a few inches of pipe straight before the pipe corner or before you bend the tube.
  4. Clamp your pipe firmly to  make sure it can’t rotate.

Watch the installation process

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