How To Install Pex Pipe

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Which Types of PEX Pipes Should I Choose


PEX is a new plumbing construction standard. Traditional copper supply lines are still a highly strong and stable connection for water lines, but they are significantly more expensive to buy and install. PEX fittings are a relatively simple to install alternative with a lower material cost. 

PEX is available in red, white, and blue. Hot water lines are red, cold water lines are blue, and neutral lines are white. This article will teach you how to install PEX pipe and we’ll go through some short tips.

How To Install PEX Pipe

How To Install Pex Pipe


PEX fittings can be installed similarly to other pipes, with main lines and branches to each fixture. However, because this system necessitates so many fittings, you lose a lot of the advantages of PEX. Install a manifold in the utility room or anywhere adjacent to the main water line and water heater, and run a separate PEX tube to each fixture with the home-run system. 

This technique requires more tubing but is quicker and requires only two connections. one at the fixture end, and another at the manifold end You can also employ a hybrid system, in which three-quarter-inch hot and cold lines are connected to a set of fixtures. Manifolds appear threatening. However, by eliminating the need for tees and other fittings between the main supply line and the fixture, they actually simplify plumbing lines and reduce the risk of leaks.

PEX can be connected to your plumbing fixtures in a variety of ways. Use a copper stub-out if the connection will be visible for instance under a wall-hung sink. This works perfectly especially if you prefer the look of a copper tube sticking out of the wall. 

After connecting your fixture, connect a compression-type shutdown valve to the one-half-inch copper stub-out. You can eliminate a joint in hidden places by routing the PEX supply directly to the shutoff valve. To keep the tubing in a tight bend, use drop-ear bend support. 

Shutoff valves that connect directly to PEX come in a variety of styles. You might not need to install a shutoff valve at the fixture if you use a manifold system with valves. It is recommended that you add one, however, you should consult PEX pipe experts. That will be less expensive and handier than running downstairs to turn off the water whenever a repair is required.

Using PEX Fittings to Connect to an Existing Pipe

How To Install Pex Pipe


Splicing PEX fittings into an existing pipe can be done in a number of ways. The most straightforward method is to cut a portion of the plumbing pipe and insert a stab-in tee. This method eliminates the need for soldering, which can save a lot of time. If you want to bury this connection in a wall or ceiling, consult your plumbing inspector. 

Some regions do not permit the concealment of stab-in fittings. Soldering in a tee and a PEX supply adapter is another option. Then, using your preferred connection method, put the PEX supply tubing over the adapter. A stab-in tee can also be used to connect PEX fittings to CPVC.

Tools Required When Plumbing With PEX

How To Install Pex Pipe


When connecting PEX pipes, compression fittings or stab-in can be used. However, one disadvantage is that they are too expensive to be used on huge projects. A specific tool is required for most PEX supply jobs. There are various PEX supply connection options, but only two are inexpensive enough for DIYers to use. The two methods include Crimp rings and cinch clamps. 

Crimp rings are metal bands that are slipped over the fitting and compressed with a crimp ring tool. The biggest disadvantage is that you’ll either require separate crimping tools for half-inch and three-quarter-inch fittings, or a universal tool with interchangeable inserts. 

Cinch clamps are similar to traditional band clamps, which are presumably familiar to most people. To tighten the cinch clamp, just insert the cinch clamp tool over the protruding tab and squeeze. All sizes of cinch clamps can be used with the same tool. The one-handed variant is popular because it allows you to keep the ring in place with one hand while tightening it with the other. The only other equipment you’ll need is a tube cutter that looks like scissors. 


PEX has been used in various nations for decades. Thousands of homes have leak-free PEX that is 30 years old. The majority of issues with PEX systems were caused by the shoddy installation or poor fittings, not the tubing itself. Connecting PEX directly to a water heater has an impact on its lifespan. You must first extend an 18-inch pipe from your water heater and attach the PEX to it. Please contact us if you need dependable and inexpensive PEX.


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