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Top 10 trends in the Plumbing Industry in 2019 (And How You Can Be More Successful in Your Business)

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In the plumbing industry, it’s essential that you keep up with the latest trends. When you stay updated, you can provide better solutions to your clients, stay ahead of your competitors, and increase business opportunities to provide more success for your company.

In this post, we will share some of the most trending technologies and ideas with you in plumbing, we hope you will enjoy it!

More Attention to Improving Water Efficiency

1. More Attention to Improving Water Efficiency

Water use in buildings will depend on the plumbing-fixture type – how the building is used and the type of equipment installed. For instance, the water consumption of kitchens and cafeterias in commercial buildings are higher compared to those in a residential setting.

However, while these may have higher water consumption, they are not the majority users of water. Instead, restroom plumbing fixtures, like showers, urinals, lavatories, and water closets consume more than half of the total water usage in offices and other commercial buildings.

Since restroom fixtures account for most water use, the best chances for improving efficiency can be found there. The great news is, the availability for high-efficiency plumbing fixtures is increasing.

What You Should Do:

To make the facility more water-efficient, you must understand first how water is used. Installing sub-meters and monitoring the different areas of the building will allow you to know more about water usage. This will also help you and building engineers determine problems within the water systems of the building. This way, you can plan and implement projects to reduce water usage effectively.

  • Replace older and high-flow flush valves and water closets with new models that meet or exceed recent Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and International Plumbing Code (IPC) specifications.
  • Consider changing the current plumbing fixtures with high-performing fixtures that meet or exceed recent UPC and IPC specifications.
  • Use dual-flush valves on your water closets.

More Trenchless Technology Solutions

2. Increased Attention to Aging Pipes

Aging water pipes are a great concern for many people. Many of the pipes in the United States have lived beyond their lifespans, which will lead to several problems: health issues, like lead exposure, which can cause learning and behavioral disorders in children and lead poisoning, leaking pipes, plumbing problems, etc.

Also, the quality of tap water in both residential and commercial facilities may be compromised due to aging pipes. The taste, odor, and safety of water will greatly be affected, resulting in them unsafe to use or intake.

What You Should Do:

Replacing aging water pipes require a lot of work, money, and manpower. It’s quite impossible to do all of this right away. It is possible to replace them one by one, but it will still take time as it will also depend on the budget. What you can do is to increase your awareness and education, as well as your team’s, on aging pipes.

A good alternative to changing pipes is closely monitoring them that they don’t affect the water going through the buildings. The water flowing into the water pipes can be filtered, chlorinated, or go through processes to make sure that they are safe for drinking or intaking.

More Trenchless Technology Solutions

3. More Trenchless Technology Solutions

More and more plumbers today use trenchless technologies to address sewer line problems. There are various methods for trenchless sewer line replacement, and a skilled professional must be able to identify which method to use in certain situations.

The main reason why these solutions are used is that they will only require one or two holes to be created on the property to fix or replace the faulty sewer line. Plumbers will use either of the two methods to fix the sewer lines:

The first one is CIPP or Cured in Place Pipe, wherein a special liner is used and filled with resin then blown or pulled into the pipe. The second one is Pipe Bursting, which will need two holes and can be utilized in fixing or replacing a long or short section of sewer pipes.

What You Should Do:

You need to have access to trenchless technology, and if you already have, you must always choose it over traditional digging!

Investing in Client Education

4. Investing in Client Education

A lot of customers are looking for the most practical plumbing services. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not aware that low-cost services don’t always mean they are the best and most practical deals.

While it’s easy to compare service rates online, comparing quality workmanship is a completely different story. Clients need to know that the costs may play a vital role, but it shouldn’t be the only factor they should look at. They must also consider the quality of work the plumbing company is capable of providing, the quality of the equipment they’re going to use, their experience in the field, etc.

What You Should Do:

On your website, provide everything that your clients need to know about your company. Include an About Us, FAQs, Contact Us page, and sections to give them an overview of the products and services you offer. They are vital info that will allow your clients to get to know more about you.

Once they contact you, don’t forget to include the details of the work you do and the perks they will receive if they decide to hire you. Let them understand why the service rates are like these and offer them cheaper alternatives if they decide not to go through.


5. Alternative Water Heating Solutions

Since all companies today are trying their best to friendly to the environment, people may now exert more effort in using better heating methods for their water usage.

A. Solar-Powered Water Heating

They are an affordable way to produce hot water in houses. With the use of a solar thermal collector, the light from the sun will convert into heat, which will then be used to heat water. Residents who opt for solar water heaters are going to need construction work and plumbing services to install the devices of the system.

B. Tankless

Tankless water heating systems are also a cheap alternative as they will only heat water when there’s a need. The supply for this system is unlimited, which makes it ideal in bigger households.

What You Should Do:

You can offer plumbing services to households who prefer to have solar water heating systems.

Also, as a professional in the plumbing business, you’re going to address flow problems in bigger households. You’re going to recommend the residents to install multiple tankless water heating units. You need to consider structural issues as these components are placed in the kitchen, bathrooms, and near appliances.

Pipe Relining Technology

6. Pipe Relining Technology

Pipe relining is an advanced solution to broken sewer lines, pipes, and drains. Before, when sewer lines need to be repaired, the entire yard needs to be teared up. Thanks to pipe relining, that is no longer necessary today.

What You Should Do:

You must be knowledgeable about pipe relining solutions. This process will involve the injection of an epoxy lining inside the pipes. The lining will then stick to the wall pipes and will fill in any holes and cracks.

At the end of this procedure, the old pipes are now completely replaced with the new pipes inside them.


7. Online Presence Is Essential to Your Plumbing Business

Establishing an online presence means your target customers are well-aware of your business through online research. Almost everyone is online today, which is why you must make sure that you have a strong online presence compared to your competitors.

Today, it is more effective for a business to reach out to their clients on the internet. If you depend heavily on your physical office or store, you will not be as productive compared to marketing your brand online.

What You Should Do:

Increase your online presence by building a relationship with your target customers online. You must get together with them by having a blog on your website and keep updating it with fresh and useful content. Don’t forget to include a comment box so that if they have questions, they can post it easily, and you can get back to them right away.

Keep all of your social media accounts active, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You also need to update them with useful posts. Make sure that you engage well with the people by addressing their concerns through their reposts, comments, and direct messages.

Mobile Engagement Is Becoming Significant

8. Mobile Engagement Is Becoming Significant

A lot of people browse the internet using their mobile devices. This is because they are handy and easier to use. Many companies forget to optimize their websites for mobile search. What happens is people can’t view their websites properly, letting the people leave the site and look for others that they can view properly on their smartphones or tablets.

What You Should Do:

Make sure that your website is also compatible with mobile mode. It should be completely functional and responsive, regardless of which device people are using to view your web content. Make sure they have easy access to all the information they need, particularly your Contact Us page and the product and services you offer.

Pipe Relining Technology

9. Water Purification Is in Demand Now

Drinking clean water is a growing concern for many years now. More people are now aware of the chemicals and elements mixed in the water that might cause them several health problems. They are now looking for water purification systems to give them access to clean and safe water.

According to this research, almost 21 million people in the US depended on public water systems that did not meet health-based standards. Although these contaminants do not cause immediate health illnesses, consumers are still vulnerable to short-term diseases, such as gastroenteritis, which still needs medical attention, and for worst cases, neurological disorders and cancer.

What You Should Do:

Always offer plumbing assistance as more households will need to update their kitchen areas to install purification systems. Kitchen purification systems are excellent solutions to ensure that people are receiving clean water that is safe for use and drinking.

You should also inform consumers of the risks of old pipes and offer effective pipe renewal solutions. This will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors as you already provided solutions even before the problem occurred.


10. Competition Is Increasing (But so Is Demand)

Today, more and more companies are entering the plumbing industry. According to a study performed by IBISWorld, an industry research firm, since 2013, the revenue of plumbing companies in the United States alone reached $95 billion. According to the firm, there are around 154,00 plumbing companies that employ more than 700,000 people.

These figures are still going to keep increasing in the coming years. However, so will the demand for plumbing services. This is why you have to keep up or even stay ahead of your competitors.

What You Should Do:

You need to keep learning new trends and better solutions so you can provide better services to your clients. You also have to provide regular training and courses to your employees and workers for better performance. Analyze all aspects of your business to check if there are angles that you can still work on and improve.


Learning the new trends in the plumbing industry will allow you to plan ahead and find better pipe solutions for your clients. This will also give you and your workers time to learn these solutions so you can achieve them effectively. Technology is fast advancing, so it’s important for any business, including plumbing, of course, to keep up and learn to use them at your advantage.

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