Why Use Brass Products In Plumbing System?

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As a kind of copper alloy, brass is composed of copper and zinc. Nowadays, brass products are commonly used in valves and pipe fittings. But why do we choose them in plumbing system? There are three major reasons as follows:

1. Stability and Sturdiness

Brass is sturdy and stable. When made into accessories, it will stay steady with no breakage or decomposition within a long period. Even when it comes to hot water pipes, brass works well, which means low cost for its maintenance.

brass rods
2. Excellent Mechanical Function

Brass shows different characteristics when Copper and Aluminum mix at different ratio. Generally speaking, brass has good machinability and ductility. These features make it more suitable for connection to pipes of different diameters and direction. Furthermore, brass fittings can be designed into different shapes and sizes for various piping systems.

3. Anti-corrosion

Corrosion is the main reason for the decreasing service life of common metal products. While the feature of anti-corrosion helps brass products become durable and adaptable. With the help of brass products,people will live a natural life without worrying about corrosion.

Currently, brass products have become an important part in plumbing system and they will be increasingly vital in the future.

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