Do You Really Know Pipe Compression Fittings?

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What is pipe compression fittings?

Pipe compression fittingThere are various types of compression fittings in the world. Today the brass pipe compression fitting we would talk about is used in the tube for water or gas system.

The pipe compression fittings are one of the brass pipe fittings. It can connect 2 pipes or a pipe with a valve with compression type nipple. It is assembled by the brass fitting body with compression seats, compression nuts, and brass rings.

When the compression nut is tightened, the ring causes the pressure against the pipe and the nuts and seals the connector, providing an absolutely tight connection.

What is difference between them?

(For The Copper Pipe, The Pex Pipe, And The Pex-al-pex Pipe)

For Copper Pipes

Copper pipe compression fitting has relatively simple structure, it is composed of just 3 parts: a compression seat with the external threads, a brass ring of full circle and a compression nut.copper compression fitting

For Pex Pipes

Pex compression fittings always have a outlet nipple either one side or all sides for water to go through and there is always a gap in the brass ring that enables the ring to squeeze flexibly while tighterning the put with the nuts.pex compression adapter

For Pex-al-pex Pipes

The only difference between Pex-al-pex compression fitting and pex compression fitting is that there are two more rubber O-rings on each outlet nipple.pex-al-pex compression fitting

  1. Why is there a gap in the brass ring for pex/ pex al pex compression fittings?
    The reason we make a gap in the brass ring for pex/ pex al pex compression fittings is that in this way, it can make sure that the pipe can be totally tightened with the nut while tightening the nut against the brass seat. When you tighten up the nut, the open ring comes together make it be compressed over the compression seat.
  2. Why do we need 2 pieces of o-ring on the nipples for pex-al-pex compression fittings?
    As we know, pex pipe is softer and elastic, while the pex-al-pex pipe are relatively solid and straight. Therefore we use the rubber o-ring to make sure of good sealing performance and no leakage.

What is the benefit of pipe compression fittings? Why popular?Compression Fitting Tool

Two outstanding advantages of the compressing fitting are:

  • You do not need heavy tool to install, all you need is a wrench to tighten the nuts.
  • The fittings can be recycled. Since they are tightened with a wrench, you can also loosen them with the same tool and reinstall them when it is necessary.
  1. Be sure the pipe is pushed deeply into the compression seat.
  2. Don’t overtighten the fitting. Tighten on a half turn when you encounter resistance in turning. Then, turn on the water valve testing the connection. If the connection is sealed, the job is done. If it leaks, turn off the water, tighten the nut about a quarter turn at a time, then turn on the water to test again. Repeat this step until it’s sealed.


What is disadvantage of pipe compression fittings?

The biggest disadvantage, which is also the biggest concern of every businessman, is the cost!

  • Compared with press fittings, compression fittings are slightly expensive, however, press fittings require strong power pressing with a specific tool.
  • Compression fittings can’t be work on the nonstationary or bent pipe. It will cause the pipe to rotate within the fitting if the pipe has a rotational stress on the compression fitting. Over time, the compression nut will loosen and cause leakage.
  1. Leave a few inches of pipe straight before the pipe corner or before you bend the tube.
  2. Clamp your pipe firmly to  make sure it can’t rotate.

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