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TUBOMART is a proud check valve manufacturer and supplier, offering industrial check valves in a variety of forms and materials such as bronze, steel, and iron valves. Our check valves have been authorized by the market for a wide range of applications, including oil and gas and pulp and paper. 

TUBOMART can supply you with a variety of various high-quality check valves for all of your flow control needs. Contact us right away and submit your purchase.














What Is A Check Valve?

A check valve is a type of safety mechanism that allows fluids and gases to flow in just one direction and forms a tight seal to avoid leakage. Fluids enter the valve at the intake and leave via the outlet when under pressure. The unbroken flow continues until the pressure lowers or the pump is turned off. Check valves safeguard pumps and compressors from significant harm by limiting the flow of liquids. 

Check valves are given several names based on their application and manufacturing technique. Our check valves come in an infinite number of configurations to suit a wide range of applications. Check valves are used in both industrial and commercial settings.  Non-return (NRV), clack, retention,  reflux, and one-way valves are some of the various names for these valves.

Applications of Check Valves

Protect sophisticated technology against potential damage or contamination caused by a change in the flow direction.

Keep drinking water safe from contamination caused by backflow caused by gravity, back siphonage, or backpressure.

Check valves are mostly utilized in wastewater, potable water, and irrigation applications, but they are also employed in the following applications:

  • Mining
  • Food and Drink
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petroleum and natural gas
  • Power

Advantages of TUBOMART Check Valves

There are several advantages and benefits of employing non-slam TUBOMART check valves:

  • They safeguard pumps and compressor machinery against backflow and reverse flow harm
  • Decrease downtime and production losses caused by the failure of inappropriate valves
  • The low-pressure drop leads to increased energy savings.
  • Water hammer is greatly reduced by the use of check valves.
  • Lessen the probability of unexpected valve failure by eliminating clatter
  • Decreased operating expenses; fewer moving parts
  • Check valves have a smaller footprint than traditional check valves
  • Adaptability to different flow conditions
  • Interchangeability with most traditional swing check valves without the need for costly pipe modifications

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