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TUBOMART, a leading gate valve suppler in China, specializes in producing high-quality gate valves for you. We ensure that all of our gate valve supplies are made of high-quality materials.

TUBOMART designs and manufactures gate valves utilizing proprietary methods to ensure quick and easy installation. We invest in a large number of production lines to handle large amounts of output while also screening for quality flaws at each stage of the process. Our firm is committed to creating gate valves that are suitable for your requirements. Simply email us your request.













What Is A Gate Valve?

A gate valve regulates the flow of media by raising (opening) and lowering (closing) the gate. Because the sealing surfaces between the gate and seats of a gate valve are planar, gate valves are frequently utilized when a straight-line flow of fluid where the little restriction is needed.

Gate valves are often classified as either parallel or wedge-shaped. Our gate valves are typically designed to be fully opened or closed. Unless particularly intended for the purpose, gate valves shouldn’t be used to regulate flow.

Gate valves are marginally less expensive than ball valves of the same size and quality. They actuate at a slower rate than quarter-turn valves and are used in applications where valve activation is uncommon.

Applications of Gate Valves

Gate valves are used to isolate certain parts of the water supply network for repair, maintenance, and new installation, as well as to redirect water flow throughout the conduit.

Gate valves are utilized in a variety of industrial applications, such as: 

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Power plants
  • Mining
  • Water treatment
  • Offshore applications

Advantages of TUBOMART Gate Valves

  • Energy-efficient: Gate valves are a low power consuming valve option because the movement direction is perpendicular to the media fluid flow.
  • Low Fluid Resistance: The body of the gate valve has a straight-through form that does not change the flow direction, permitting fluid to travel through the valve with little resistance.
  • Superior Sealing Performance: The opening and closing mechanisms of the gate valve are faster and more efficient than those of the shut-off valve.
  • It has a wide range of applications since it may also be used as a low vacuum system valve and a venting valve.
  • Gate valves are bidirectional, meaning they have two flow directions. They are not limited to one-way flow and are unaffected by the flow directions of the medium.

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