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TUBOMART is a world-renowned producer of high-quality stop valves. We have a fantastic selection of low-cost valves. Our stop valves will make controlling your water and gas flow a snap. At TUBOMART, you’ll find all of the best valves for any plumbing project.

Customers enjoy our reasonable prices, rapid shipping, and, most importantly, our service. Please contact our team of specialists if you are having problems locating high-quality stop valves. We are always happy to help. Save money on the best plumbing products on the internet by visiting our homepage and request a free quote!














What Is A Stop Valve?

One of the most common valves is the stop valve, often known as the shut valve. It features less friction between the sealing surfaces during the opening and shutting operation, which makes it more robust, has a lower opening height, and is simple to manufacture and maintain. It is appropriate not only for medium and low pressures but also for high pressures.

Our stop valve (SVA) may be turned on and off manually or automatically. To close a stop valve insert a rubber gasket onto a seat in the center of the valve. These valves are placed between the fixture and the pipework that protrudes from the walls or flooring. Stop valves are useful because they enable normal maintenance or small repairs to be performed on a conduit.

Applications of Stop Valves

Since TUBOMART stop valves offer several benefits over the typical ones, they are employed in many modern applications which entail:

  • Household water supply taps
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashing machines
  • Hot or cold water in plumbing fixture
  • Used in gardens to deliver and control water
  • Bathrooms as well as main water supply control 

Advantages of TUBOMART Stop Valves

  • Our stop valve is a very effective device that does not require any lubrication.
  • Maintenance is extremely simple and they are easy to install. 
  • User-pleasant application and easy to handle. The working stroke is tiny, and the opening and closing times are quick.
  • Sealing surface friction between the surface and fluid is modest, providing extended service life.
  • It is easier to produce and maintain a simple structure.
  • It is a highly cost-effective product of high quality. Guaranteed quality performance for an added durability

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