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India has emerged as a formidable supplier of high-quality gate valves. Gate valves are among the most frequent plumbing valves found in any system. They are used to start and stop various types of media flowing via a pipeline.

With over 600 manufacturers, the Indian market is extensively fragmented. Hunting for an exceptional gate valve manufacturer might be like looking for a needle in a haystack for the consumer. Choosing the best one for your company might be difficult. To assist you in making your selection, we have compiled a list of the best gate valve manufacturers in India.



  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter.
  • Year of Establishment: 2000
  • Location: Guangzhou, China

TUBOMART, which was founded in 2000, is an experienced industry leader that has developed a comprehensive range of plumbing solutions. With its headquarters in Guangzhou, China the international company has grown to become a leading gate valve supplier in the Indian market, thanks to its high-quality products. With a large selection of gate valves and ball valves.

It has gate valves ranging in size from 2 inches to 88 inches. Pressure ratings for TUBOMART gate valves range from ASME Class 150 to Class 2500. Carbon steel, austenitic and martensitic stainless steel, duplex steel, and other alloys are among the materials used to make gate valves. For very essential services, the business also provides jacketed forms of wholesale gate valves.

Amco Industrial Valves

Amco industrial company logo


  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1986
  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India.

Amco industrial valves is one of the leading gate valve manufacturers in India. For the last thirty years, the firm has built a reputation for competence in the manufacture of valves for a variety of critical areas of the economy. The firm provides a comprehensive range of plumbing valves, including gate valves, ball valves, and check valves.

The firm makes regular gate valves as well as knife-edge gate valves. Amco gate valves are manufactured of cast iron and meet ANSI Class 150 specifications, with a wafer type disc for opening and shutting. The valve sizes range from DN 50 to DN 300. EPDM O-ring and graphite rope are used to make the gland packing. Amco gate valves are all actuated by handwheels.



Amtech company logo


  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1985
  • Location: Gujarat, India.

Amtech makes plumbing valves for a wide range of pipe applications. Amtech valves are more trustworthy because of their expertise and strong technical material understanding, which allows them to pass the required value.

The butterfly gate valve is one of the company’s best-selling products. When the ends are flanged, the pressure ratings of these gate valves span from ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 600. The pressure rating ranges from Class 800 to Class 2500 if the ends are buttweld, threaded, or socket weld. Based on the valve pressure rating class, these gate valves are made of cast steel or forged steel. For very essential services, the business also provides a jacketed form of gate valve.


G M Engineering Pvt LTD

G M Engineering company logo


  • Business Type: Manufacturer and distributor
  • Year of Establishment: 1996
  • Location: Gujarat, India.

G M Engineering is a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of several types of valves, headquartered in Gujarat but with a global clientele. Its gate valve series includes three types: regular gate valves, conduit gate valves, and knife-edge gate valves.

The conventional gate valve is used in a variety of piping applications for plumbing. Valve sizes vary from 15mm to 60mm and match the Class 150 to Class 2500 standards. The connectors at the ends can be flanged, screwed, or welded. Buyers have the option of selecting between manual, pneumatic, and electric actuators.


L&T Valves

L&T Valves company logo


  • Business Type: Manufacturer 
  • Year of Establishment: 1961
  • Location: Chennai, India.

L&T Valves Limited is an affiliated company of Larsen and Toubro business with over 5 decades of expertise. A world-class manufacturer of high-quality plumbing valves and a leading expert in flow control systems.

The company’s gate valves feature bolted or pressure-sealed bonnets with ANSI Class ratings ranging from Class 150 to Class 4500. Valve sizes of up to 1800mm are possible. These valves can be used in cryogenic applications. Bellow-sealed low emission valves are also supplied. L&T gate valves are API marked and SIL-3 enabled.


Gate valves are in high demand as more structures require tight shutdown mechanisms. Gate valve manufacturers in China and India have emerged as viable alternatives to more costly choices. You can be confident that TUBOMART valves will suit your requirements.


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